Straying from Deficiency (2018)

Us humans live in tangible space. Secluded from this space is the intangible realm of ideals: there lies the absolute perfection of all imaginable things - the perfect circle.

“Straying from Deficiency” tries to shape a sort of average by means of gathering cumulative input that control the generation of intentionally flawed circular shapes. This average is meant to induce the discussion whether or not whatever is drawn comes close enough to our understanding of a perfect circle. The accumulated data in the form of a drypoint is conclusively being printed through intaglio print to further visualise and record the preceding interaction..

Both the drawing machine and the sensor module are fully self-built. The former is based upon an X-Y plotter: two opposing Nema 17 stepper motors in combination with a CNC shield are in charge of all motions performed by the etching needle up front. The plotter receives all of its coordinates from the sensor module that is connected to a separate Arduino. The module contains both a pressure and a stretch sensor: whenever anyone interacts with either of these, a change in resistance occurs which the micro controller sends straight back to the Raspberry Pi. This way all processed data is unique to each user’s interaction. OpenFrameworks is the toolkit processing the incoming data and translating the mapped values into G-Code for the Arduino connected to the plotter.

Music: Yaka-anima - Agony of Echoes





Straying from Deficiency

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