Installation / 2017

The experiment with a basic geometric shape: a triangle. At the beginning, I wanted to examine what various repetitions of said form would induce, because repetitions can be a multitude of things: It could be a simple replica next to the original, but it could also be expressed as movements. I got more curious during these examinations and decided to also experiment with different sizes. Consecutively, a collection of animated triangles was created, that open, close and rotate in unison in an infinite loop. These movements arise from constant alterations of the triangle’s basic parameters; the lengths are shifted by the millisecond. The significance of the triangles change as often as the basic form itself changes.

Following this, I decided to combine my pattern with interaction and did this with the microcontroller Makey Makey. In a group of four people, we built six floor-boards functioning as buttons for this. These boards send a signal back to the computer once stepped on. Each of the boards is built the same way, but triggers a different action within the code. A myriad of new patterns is created by the user as a result of this.

Materials: Processing, Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF), aluminum sheets, steel springs, cables

University Project