Hello, I'm Merani

I’m Merani Schilcher, a visual communication student with a passion for the internet, technology and experiments at the Berlin University of the Arts. Außerdem bin ich ein Teil von klasse.
Previously I have attended Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen and the Freie Kunstschule Stuttgart.

I predominantly but not exclusively build stuff. My interests range from the big questions of the universe all the way to more light-hearted ones like “should I make yet another red project?” and I’m always down to discuss conspiracy theories.

My focus is always somehow related to technology and how we as humans are currently using it. I also get enthusiastic about things easily and my current interests and specializations range from kinetic (light) sculptures and installations to research on new materials as well as stage/exhibition design, graphic design and typography.

I'm naturally analytical, meticulously organized, insatiably inquisitive, and always willing to try something new.

If you're interested in my work or
just wanna chat, feel free to contact me.